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Name: Tom Brown
From: CA
E-mail: brown.tom5@gmail.com
Very interesting! Really liked Little Nikki Batalia!
Are recordings of the songs available?
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Submitted by Comments:
Name: David Mann
From: Fort Lauderdale, FL
E-mail: dave@delrizian.com
I hope you enjoyed the novel! Please sign the guestbook and review the book. Feel free to cut and paste these questions into your review...

1. Write a short book review as if you were a reporter...
2. What did you like the most about the book?
3. What did you like the least about the book?
4. What was your favorite character?
5. Did any character or scene make you laugh or cry?
6. What age groups do you think this book is written for?
7. What is the youngest age you would consider appropriate for this book?
8. Were there any topics that would be inappropriate to pre-teens?
9. What was the theme(s) of the book?
10. What famous people do android flight comfort units Darci and Carmen resemble?
11. What categories does this book fit into (sci-fi, fantasy, love story, etc.)?
12. Did you find any errors or find anything confusing? If yes, explain and note the page or chapter...
13. Did the chapters that occur in 1969 accurately depict that time period? If no, why?
14. Would you go to see a feature film version of this book?
15. Would you watch an animated film or comic book version of this book?
16. How did the main character overcome alienation?
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